This is your very special day and arriving at your wedding in perfect style is so important.

Provence Classics provide you with the ideal way to add the charm of a gorgeous classic convertible car to your wedding ceremony in Provence.

This is the perfect way to bring you unforgettable memories and the best wedding photographs, with a difference.

At Provence Classics, we are offering you a range of beautifully and lovingly restored classics cars for hire as self-drive. Each car has been carefully prepared by our own team to ensure that your drive is as special as the occasion deserves.

Our standard wedding packages costs less than you might think for your special day.

Designed to make your day as convenient as possible, they include a tank of fuel (no need to refill unless you use more than a tank) and insurance for 2 drivers as standard, to make sure you're worry free on the day.

You are welcome to ask your florist to provide your own decorations to match your wedding style but we can also supply the car with flower garland and/or a “just married” vintage leather suitcase fitted to the luggage rack (for the cars that feature one).

For other optional extras and needs, or for combined wedding - honeymoon packages, please Contact Us.


Our standard single day wedding & events packages are everything you will need for your special day. Designed to make your day as worry-free as possible.

Group 1:
360€ /day TTC

Group 2:
Fiat 600 / Austin Healey Sprite
510€ /day TTC

Group 3:
MGA / Fiat 124/ Lancia / TR3 / TR4 / Land Rover
600€ /day TTC

Group 4:
Ford Mustang / VW BUS
720€ /day TTC

Group 5:
Porsche 356 Speedster
900€ /day TTC

Group 6:
Mercedes 280SL
990€ /day TTC

The daily wedding package (10am - 8pm) includes: Obligatory wedding and event insurance as required with cover for two drivers aged between 25-75. A full tank of fuel (you will not have to worry about refilling on the day of your event, unless you are using more than what is provided free). This package does not include delivery and/or pick up of the vehicle (please provide address of event for a quote).

Please be aware that our cars were built in the 50's,60's and 70's when people were not at tall as today. Most can accommodate drivers up to 1.85m but if you are taller or larger, only a few will be suitable for you. For renting for a wedding, please be aware that not all cars can accommodate dresses with large hooped petticoat. Please do consult us for advice before booking.

Mileage: all our rentals include 150 kilometres per day.Beyond that, a single rate of €1/km will be applied.

It is essential that all drivers attend the presentation of the vehicle and its handling.

Reservation by booking form with copy of license(s) and proof of address.Payment: Deposit 50% at time of booking and balance 50% two weeks before rental. Comprehensive insurance (1/3 of the rental amount) is included in the price.

An insurance excess remains at the expense of the client in case of theft or damage for which he is responsible by his driving or use of the car. The security deposit: it corresponds to the amount of excess, and it is only taken as pre-authorization on your bank card without debiting your account.

Important: Our insurance has a zero tolerance with drinking and driving. If the driver has consumed alcohol and is involved in an accident (or any damage to the car), all costs will be at his expense.

Parking: For rentals of more than one day, the car must always be parked off the public road and in a secure place protected from the elements.

If the chosen car becomes unavailable, another vehicle from the same group will be offered in its place.

Cancellation: If you cancel less than two weeks prior to the scheduled rental date, the full amount of the rental will be due. If we must cancel the rental, we will refund the amount you have paid.