A front view of the Provence Classics Porsche 356 in the countryside of Provence, France.

Find the perfect classic car for your next adventure.

Your story. Our Passion.

Welcome to Provence Classics.

When we first started to rent out the cars of our personal collection, none of us knew how far this would go, or quite where the journey would take us. We were passionate about the classics we had renovated, and wanted to share that passion with other enthousiasts.

We are now making a name for ourselves as the number one quality classic car provider in Provence. Providing vehicles for films, weddings, rallies, weekend drives and many other occasions for the public and professionals alike; we're sharing our passion for classic cars, one drive at a time.

The business started in Somerset with the long term restoration of a Jaguar E-type, bought on a whim, through eBay no less, on New Year's Eve. Through its restoration to its former glory, our family found a now deeply ingrained passion for classic cars.

We have striven to create an ever-growing collection of premium classics. Keeping it in the family means the greatest possible amount of attention is paid to even the smallest of details and the results speak for themselves.

Every car we have is restored to the very highest standards, some with subtle upgrades that add convenient modern features to the original feel a Classic. Most of our cars are convertible and all will give you the joy of driving around the beautiful Provencal countryside, unhurried by modern life.

Our private collection of Classic Cars includes a range of iconic cars. With this variety we have something to offer everybody, should you prefer the classic elegance of the MGA or the American muscle of the Mustang! Take them out for a day of fun cruising around Provence, or for the ultimate road-trip of your dreams.

Provence Classics are guaranteed to bring you unforgettable memories with a difference.

Offering you the very best of classics,
with the very best service.

For some, classic cars are a hobby. For us, classic cars are a way of life. That's how we know the quality of our cars and our services is unrivalled.

To choose Provence Classics is to choose quality, exclusivity and excellence across all services.

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One of our trained staff will prepare the car for you and make sure you're confident to drive it, a premium perk of our standard service.

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As a customer of Provence Classics, you will drive some of the best examples of classic cars available. Beautifully restored and exceptionally maintained classics await you in Provence.

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Whether it's a technical question, a booking, or any other issue, we'll be there to take care of things, so you don't need to worry.