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The speedster is the lightweight sports car version of the original 356 with strong handling characteristics. This iconic beauty is now available to you to enjoy the glamorous life it represents.

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YEAR: 1958

ENGINE: Boxer 4 1498cc

FUEL: Unleaded 98

TRANSMISSION: 5-Speed Manual

POWER: 99bhp

ACCELERATION: 0-60mph: 10.4s

TOP SPEED: 124mph/200kph


SEATS: 2 with lap bets

LAYOUT: Air cooled rear engine RWD - LHD

WEIGHT: 790kg

KEY FEATURES: Up-rated engine, upgraded gearbox, full servo disc brakes, and more.


The 356 was Porsche's first production automobile. It is a lightweight and nimble-handling, rear-engine, rear-wheel drive, two-door car which was available both in hardtop coupé and open configurations. Engineering innovations continued during the years of manufacture, contributing to its motorsports success and popularity.

Production started in 1948 at Gmünd, Austria, where approximately 50 cars were built, the to Zuffenhausen, Germany, and general production of the 356 continued until April 1965, well after the replacement model 911 made its autumn 1964 debut. Of the 76,000 originally produced, approximately half survive.

The basic design of the 356 remained the same throughout to the end of its lifespan in 1965, with evolutionary, functional improvements rather than annual superficial styling changes. The car was built of a unibody construction, making restoration difficult for cars that were kept in rust-prone climates.

One of the most desirable collector models is the 356 "Speedster", introduced in late 1954 after the company was advised that a lower-cost, somewhat spartan open-top version could sell well in the American market. With its low, raked windscreen (which could be removed for weekend racing), bucket seats and minimal folding top, the Speedster was an instant hit, especially in Southern California.

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