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The TR4 embodies classic convertible driving. Sporty & manoeuvrable, yet still refined and classy. With plenty of original features throughout the car, this roadster is a true throwback, but is not to be underestimated.

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YEAR: 1962

ENGINE: 2.2L Petrol

FUEL: Unleaded 98 ONLY

TRANSMISSION: Four Speed Manual

POWER: 105bhp

ACCELERATION: 0-60mph: 10s

TOP SPEED: 112mph/180kph


SEATS: 4 - Lap belts in front seats only.

LAYOUT: Front Engine Rear Drive - LHD

WEIGHT: 935kg

KEY FEATURES: Full power unit, brakes and transmission rebuild, great handling.


The Triumph TR4 was introduced in 1961 to follow its very successful predecessors, the TR2 and TR3. Code named 'Zest' during development, the body was given a more modern and updated appearance by Michelotti, however the drivetrain and chassis remained the same; using the well proven four-cylinder pushrod unit albeit with an increased capacity to 2138cc.

Handling was improved by a three-inch wider track and the steering was also updated to a more modern and precise rack and pinion system. Internally, the car gained wind-up windows and the new angular rear end allowed for a boot with a very reasonable luggage capacity for a sports car. Production was between 1961 and 1965 and over the years this model has become one of Triumph's most popular sports cars.

The driving experience is a great combination of Triumph's classic engine with precise gear changes, communicative steering and nimble handling which makes for very pleasant cruising abilities. An ideal summer classic.

Our car was built in early 1962 and has been gently restored in Bristol. The engine, brakes and suspension have been rebuilt. The paint on the exterior has been refinished, but the engine bay is original. Just as it left the factory!

Overall the TR4 is a very original car, which is quite sporty, and has a lovely exhaust note.

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